Basics of Good Nutrition

Contrary to government standards, this is what the food pyramid should look like…

Starting at the base of the pyramid and moving up:

Low-starch vegetables – Lettuce, all greens, broccoli, cauliflower, summer squash, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, onions.

Meats, seafood, cheese – All meats, all seafood, all cheeses, eggs. This is the protein group.

Fruits – The higher glycemic fruits are mangoes and bananas. Fruits have a higher glycemic index than vegetables because of their sugar content.

Grains and starchy vegetables – All grains, anything made from grain (breads, crackers, cereals, etc.), winter squash, carrots, parsnips, potatoes (potatoes are higher in their glycemic index when baked as opposed to other cooking methods), legumes. Really all grains with gluten should be avoided and any other grains like rice or quinoa should be used minimally or not at all. When eliminating gluten the tendency is to look for gluten free flours etc but that’s still high glycemic so best to be aware of that.

Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and other dairy products – Yogurt has beneficial acidophilus, but buy it plain and add your own fruit for a reasonable snack or dessert. Also, try Kefir a drinkable fermented product.

Fats and oils – Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil (try to use cold pressed and NOT canola oil), butter (not margarine), nuts and seeds. A small amount of animal fat is okay. Coconut Oil, Organic Red Palm Oil. Avocado.

Here are some free documents to help you follow a better food plan. Diets don’t work in the the long run. Focus on changing your habits. If you need to lose weight, cut the carbs down Glycemic Index . Consider the Control-It Weight Loss program. It addresses the 3 main reasons people can’t lose weight. 1. Not the right fats in their diet-you need to eat fat to lose fat but you need the right kind. 2. Cortisol-the old belly fat problem-Control-It supplies adrenal support to help with this issue. 3. Food sensitivities, allergies. Control-It addresses this with NutriClear a metabolic clearing protein, vitamin, mineral product that can be used as an in between meal snack. This moderates your blood sugar and avoids crashes which also contribute to the inability to lose weight. Click here for the video.

Email us to order.


Control-IT Meal Plans


Info about Ionized Water

Webinars (Trans Fats, Water Awareness)


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