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Fermented Foods-A Good Thing!

To Market, To Market

I lucked out one day when I was buying dill cukes. Upon leaving the house I swore I would not be doing any more canning as my feet were ready to fall off by the time I’d done 25 jars of tomatoes and 20 jars of pickled beets. However, when I got to the farmer’s market, one of the vendors was selling organic dill cukes. As I somewhat begrudgingly filled my bag with cukes, a gentleman asked me if I would be pickling them. I said, “Yes,” and sighed as I realized I’d be up until midnight again. He said he had a better way of doing them. Of course I asked HOW?

Fermentation ~ “A Good Thing!”

So why are fermented foods good for us? Every culture has some form of fermentation in their repertoire. Yogurt, Kefir, Tempeh, Sauerkraut, Kim Chi, Fish Sauce, Tamari and so on…

It is a way to get a longer sImagehelf life from the food but mainly it provides enzymes that aid our digestion which in turn allows for better assimilation of nutrients. Do not confuse pickling with fermenting. Most pickles you buy are done with white vinegar (a petroleum product). Some however, are fermented but read the label carefully. By the way, if you are pickling with vinegar, there is now white vinegar on the market that is NOT a petroleum product

Here’s the recipe. And guess what? It only took me half an hour to do and it’s healthier than using white vinegar regardless of whether it is the non-petroleum type or not. These pickles are actually fermented…and as Martha Stewart would say, “That’s a good thing!” Fermented foods have enzymes that help our digestion.

Kim Chee-A Korean Staple


Fermented Cucumbers (Dill Pickles)

Kim Chee


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