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Stuff More Greens Down You Kids Without an All Out Rebellion.

I wish I’d seen this idea sooner. It’s so simple and easy. On many mornings my raw food breakfast is a smoothie. Most kids love smoothies so here’s what you do.

My smoothie of choice but you can do whatever you like…

2 cups water (purified) (you can put some juice of your choice in here if you need a bit more camouflage)

1/2 banana

Some berries of choice…could be frozen to get a colder drink

1 tsp spirulina or NitroGreens (Biotics)

1 or 2 scoops NutriClear (berry or vanilla- Biotics)

Handful of greens..kale, lettuce, spinach, chard

You can tell them it’s in honour of the Irish or something…because it will be very green but that’s mostly from the spirulina or NitroGreens. You might have to up the banana content for some real picky types. NutriClear has all kinds of vitamins etc and the NitroGreens have the same and minerals.

You can make this without the powders and just throw in more greens but the NutriClear and NitroGreens really get everyone off to a great start. You wouldn’t need to take a Multi Vit if you are using NutriClear and NitroGreens. There’s lots in there. It’s a great fast breaky.

Optional…add some yogurt for acidophilus and to thicken more. After a while you might even be able to hide some ground flax seeds or other nutritious stuff that you have a hard time getting the kids to eat. This works on big kids too, like husbands:)

Another tip…freeze the smoothie mixture for a green treat.


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