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Breaky: Often the Worst Meal of the Day!

Meaty Savoury Muffins

In my opinion breakfast is an important meal for anyone and especially kids. I think the fact that many people eat junk for breakfast boils down to time constraints in the morning and heavy advertising on the part of the cereal companies. Cold cereal should be avoided at all costs. I find it particularly offensive that some of these food conglomerates are purporting to produce cereal that lowers cholesterol. What a joke that is! If anything it makes it worse. How do they get away with lies like that! Well, I have a pretty good idea about that but we won’t go there today. That’s my rant for this morning…

If you don’t have breakfast or eat a high carb breakfast, you are setting yourself up for blood sugar woes. See our blog entry on sugar handling.

Sign up for our weekly Healthflash and get my book ‘Nutrition in a Nutshell’ along with the ‘Non-GMO Shopping Guide’ free. In my book read the nasty story of puff wheat. Read that and you will NOT ever eat processed cold cereal again. I got that info from Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. Her book is one of the best resources anyone could have. I highly recommend it. My book has some ideas and recipes for breakfast also and can be a good resource for the people struggling to get a decent send off for themselves and family in the wee hours. And since it’s free when you sign on for the Healthflash, you can’t lose.

Oh yeah…What about the poor maligned egg? Has everyone forgotten about them? Hard boil some and have them ready in the fridge for a quick take away breakfast or snack. A quick scrambled egg with cheese and chopped green onions. Easy, quick, nourishing and it’s protein folks. Protein sustains your blood sugar longer and more consistently than carbs. A VERY high percentage of people that complete the online health assessment on our website (Nutri-Q), have sugar handling issues. It is pandemic just like the blog posting I mentioned earlier says.

Sadly, some of you like to stop for the coffee and muffin. I’m sorry to inform you that some of those sweet cakey muffins can have a whopping 500 calories a  piece. Also, they have basically no food value but they sure do give you a days worth of carbs in one sitting. So this blog entry is for you folks. Maybe having some of these savoury style muffins prepped and ready to grab on the way out the door might help avoid some of the breakfast pitfalls. You still get your muffin but a healthier version and some protein added to balance out the carbs.

Medley of Savoury Muffins

Canadian Bacon & Cheddar Muffins

Sally Fallon-Weston Price Foundation


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