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More on Raw Dog Treats

Georgie Girl

Georgie Girl

So the treats were a roaring (or should I say barking) success and they disappeared much more quickly than I thought. What I like about them is that for a growing puppy they are packed with protein and really help sustain her energy throughout the day. They can be broken for smaller treats too.

The second time I made these, I used about 2 lbs of ground organic beef and 1 lb of ground salmon. I added 2 eggs, some Romaine Lettuce and a TBSP of Spirulina. So they are now Green cookies:) I also dehydrated them a bit longer so they are crispier. I am still keeping them in the fridge as a precaution but they are quite dry so should be fine at room temp for a while. I also took them off the paraflexx sheet about half way through so they had more air circulating.

See the link to the original recipe.


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Kermit’s Kale Chips-Your Kids Might Even Like These

These are easy and can be done in you dehydrator to get a truly raw product or in the oven on the lowest temperature. Ideally we want about 115 degrees F. If your oven, only goes as low as 250 or so these won’t be technically raw but still good. 115 is the magic number. Anything over that and some enzymes and nutrients are destroyed.The best types of kale for this are Curly (which is the most common you will see in the grocery stores), Lacinato, Siberian or Redbor. Check out the pictures so you know you are getting the right kind.

Kale Chips

Kermit’s Kale Chips Print

3 bunches of kale (I’m going on what you usually get in the supermarket here)

1 cup raw cashews

1/2 cup spirulina (you don’t have to use this but it makes it REALLY green and it’s REALLY good for you-the kids might eat them if they think they are green like Kermit the Frog-well, maybe not but it’s worth a try:))

1/4 cup nutritional yeast like Engevita preferably

1 TBSP lemon juice

1 cup grapefruit juice

2 TSP Turmeric

1 TSP Sea Salt or fine Himalayan

Blend all the ingredients preferably in a high speed blender-mainly to get the cashews as fine as possible. If you don’t have a high speed blender like a VitaMix, then use a regular blender or food processor and just try to get it as smooth as you can.

Remove the kale from the stems and tear into bite size pieces.

Massage the sauce into the kale until it’s completely covered.

Arrange the kale on paraflex sheets (non-stick) lining your dehydrator trays. It will take about 1 tray per bunch of kale. Dehydrate for 10 to 12 hours at 115 F. If using an oven, spread out on parchment lined cookie sheets. Check every 2 hours depending on the temperature you are using. Finished chips should be crispy. Store in a zip lock bag.


Curly Kale


Lacinato Kale


Siberian Kale

Redbor Kale

Redbor Kale


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What I Didn’t Know About Dehydrators!

Since embarking on my raw food journey, I’ve discovered some things. Raw food is very satisfying! It’s hard to explain but I’ll try. It’s like my body is saying…’Why didn’t you do this a long time ago?’. All I can say is I just didn’t totally understand or wasn’t ready…I don’t know but I’m glad that I finally got the message. It’s strange too because at first I was saying things like…’I’m not doing all raw.’, but now I have no problem with the concept of all raw food. I just think that it can be tough to be so strict when eating at other people’s houses and eating out. I know how hard I find it when I have guests that can’t or won’t eat this or that and you try to please everybody. I don’t want to put anyone in that position. However, when I’m home, I can do mostly raw with ease. I’ve also heard people say things like..’OMG, I had something in a restaurant and it had maple syrup in it. I had such a reaction because it’s not raw’. The idea of not being able to eat something that’s cooked at all because you will have a reaction is going a bit beyond manageable to me. So…I will do the best I can but not sweat the small stuff. Life’s too short.

Some of the books I’ve picked up on raw food are REALLY strict and some are a bit more relaxed. I’m happier with the latter. After all…it’s not a religion. I just would like you to know that despite the fact that my energy level has been pretty good all along, I’m happy to report that I’m running circles around myself now:) So sometimes you don’t realize that things could be even better. I am thankful to Biotics Research for sending the raw breakfast info that got me going on this path. I just started with breakfast and now I’m eating about 80 to 90 % raw and it feels GOOD! So give it a try. Even one raw meal a day can make a difference.

I joined Russell James (The Raw Chef) online raw info center and really like his recipes. He makes it easy and is a good teacher. You can sign up for his online non-cooking course too and order his ebooks. Once you get the hang of the basics, you can make up your own recipes and concoctions. It’s kind of like being a mad scientist!

So let’s get to the dehydrator and why I recommend you get one asap if you are going to add raw food to your diet. You can definitely get by without one for a while but I realized pretty quickly that I would be able to make all kinds of stuff with it and it has now become my oven. I can make raw pizza crusts, wraps, flat bread, crackers, granola, fruit leather, dehydrate my own fruits and vegetables, kale chips (a great way to get some more greens in to your diet), and the list goes on. You can also marinate veggies and warm them in the dehydrator so that your meals aren’t all cold. You can do this with soups too. It is really economical to run too. So for $300 including tax, I got one of the most useful kitchen items that I’ve bought in years. I also suggest that you purchase some paraflexx sheets for your trays. My Excalibur dehydrator has 9 trays and I got 2 paraflexx sheets. I will get 2 more asap as they are the best surface for doing a lot of stuff especially things like wraps that start out quite soupy and could stick to wax paper or parchment. The magic temperature for raw food is that it is not heated to over 115 degrees F.

Anyway, I’m thrilled with my Excalibur. It’s easy to use and has expanded my raw food repertoire in a BIG way! I highly recommend it!


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