Raw Dehydrated Dog Treats

Raw Beef Jerky (you can use other meats here like chicken thigh, turkey, lamb and salmon even. Print

Get an inside round roast or other inexpensive cut and freeze it partially. You should be able to cut thin slices off it with either a sharp knife or I have a small electric slicer that can adjust the thickness of slices. You don’t want them so thin that you can see through them but not too thick either since this is jerky and should be fairly thin. Cut the slices into strips. You could dry these in the oven at a low temperature but they won’t be considered raw then. I place the strips side by side on a paraflexx non stick sheet (you can use parchment paper too). The roast I got was about 1 K or 2 pounds. I was able to get about 3 trays worth from that which will last quite a while. I start the dehydrator on about 140 F for approx. 45 mins and then lower it to 113 F. Leave it on until the meat will snap in 1/2. I store in zip lock bags in the fridge. They are great for training because you can break pieces easily into small bits. There is no need to add oil or seasoning.

Raw Cookie Treats

This is not rocket science so measurements are at your discretion. I’ll give you some guidelines though.

1 lb ground meat (beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and even salmon) more than one type is ok

1 lb chicken livers or hearts

1 or 2 eggs

2 carrots roughly chopped

1 apple roughly chopped

couple of handfuls of greens like romaine or maybe kale…not cabbage

Sweet potato (bake it and scoop put the flesh) not raw I know but that’s the only cooked part

Coconut flour and garbanzo flour (chick pea) no gluten flours please and I’m trying to stay away completely from grains like rice too.

2 tsp oregano

tiny sprinkle of good salt  like Celtic or Himalayan

Put everything except the ground meat and flour in the food processor. Blend until mostly smooth. Pour into a bowl with the ground meat. Mix in enough flour (I used mostly coconut and a bit of the garbanzo) to get a consistency that allow you to make little patties about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch in diameter. Place them on paraflexx sheets or parchment paper and do the same as with the jerky. Start at 140 F for 45 min and then down to 113 F. Flip after about 4 hours and keep going until they are still a wee bit soft to the touch but mostly dried. Store in zip lock bag in fridge.


2 responses to “Raw Dehydrated Dog Treats

  1. Co-Creative Health Solutions

    October 8, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    The second time I made these, I used about 2 lbs of ground organic beef and 1 lb of ground salmon. I added 2 eggs, some Romaine Lettuce and a TBSP of Spirulina. So they are now Green cookies:) I also dehydrated them a bit longer so they are crispier. I am still keeping them in the fridge as a precaution but they are quite dry so should be fine at room temp for a while. I also took them off the paraflexx sheet about half way through so they had more air circulating.


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