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Why Nutrition is SO important for Cancer Patients

This might seem obvious to some people but likely not to many. Ideally we would like to prevent cancer but when it does happen, what can you do to make your survival rate increase other than the typical cancer treatments which I personally think are somewhat medieval…with an emphasis on evil.

I once had a political science professor that said, ‘One day we will be ashamed we had borders.’ At the time in the 80s, that seemed a bold statement and perhaps more so today but you can see where he was going with that statement if you broaden your outlook. Who deemed that this land is yours and this is mine. I know it’s hard to think of an entire earth with us all sharing everything…perhaps a Utopian outlook but not impossible. Why I even mention this is that it reminds me of the same type of thinking that’s put us in the health crisis we have today. Limited thinking, buying into ‘medical paradigm’. So called modern medicine hasn’t been around for long, whereas treating people with food and herbs etc. has been around since time began. Food is medicine remember! So first and foremost look to prevention but in a crisis, keep your options open and don’t be scared into submission to anything or any treatment unless it feels right to you. The medical system as we know it today is based on fear so keep yourself grounded and know that there are other ways and avenues open to you.

Now on that note…I was recently approached by a women named Jillian McKee who is very dedicated to helping cancer patients learn about nutrition and so here is an article she wrote that is well worth reading for anyone since we all know how widespread cancer has become thanks to our poor nutrition and other poisons that plague our world..mostly due to BIG business and politics. Yes, I’m incredibly displeased by our state of affairs, but there’s no point in crying over it. All I can do is help to raise awareness and encourage others to do the same. Say NO (Nancy Reagan can’t be wrong:) to the crap they are shoving on us…stay aware and do your part. I just need my readers and clients to know that I do not support throwing money at agencies like the Cancer Societies in any country because much of that money goes to drug research and I am absolutely NOT ok with that. I think that there are things that can help in the modern medicine world. I’m not closed to that but unfortunately it’s modern medicine that’s created a lot of our problems. So I just needed to say that and get it out in the open. Everyone needs to make their choice when treating cancer…some go all drug therapy, some none and some a combination. It’s your choice and you should feel positive about whatever road you take as that is incredibly important too. Attitude is BIG!

I think Jillian is coming from the stand point of seeing the problems and their sources but working somewhat inside the system and we need people like that to bridge the gap. I am definitely OUTSIDE the medical system so it’s good to see perspectives from all angles. Perhaps Jillian could comment later about her position.

Susan Van Dueck

Thank you, Jillian for doing your part!!

The Benefits of Good Nutrition for Cancer Patients

Proper nutrition should be part of everyone’s life. Its effects are wide-reaching and can improve nearly all aspects of one’s health. But when one becomes a cancer patient, nutrition’s importance increases dramatically.

Many patients diagnosed with mesothelioma or other cancers have a misunderstanding of what most cancers treatments do. With the exception of surgery, cancer treatments do not attack the cancer directly; they set up the body to fight cancer more effectively. To keep the body fighting as well as it can, good nutrition can be a key step to fight cancer as effectively as possible.

Even before treatment begins, good nutrition can be beneficial. Some cancer treatments can cause nausea or other effects that make eating difficult. By loading the body up before treatment begins, cancer patients can remain strong while they have periods of treatment-induced poor nutrition. Malnutrition is a common, and dangerous, complication that sometimes arises, and good nutrition can help mitigate its effects.

Eating a proper diet ensures that the body has what it needs to maintain itself and operate at a high level. The human body has amazing tools and techniques it uses to fight cancer. But it requires fuel and other resources to build and maintain its cancer fighting abilities. People often think of nutrition in abstract terms and fail to realize the intimate connection between what the body consumes and what is required to maintain itself well. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, this connection takes on even greater importance.

Good nutrition helps the body maintain a high energy level. Fighting cancer is physically draining and puts a large demand on the body, and it can cause patients to feel tired and exhausted. Further, studies have shown that a positive mental outlook helps in fighting cancer. Many do not consider the effects of nutrition on mental well-being, but it has been shown to prevent and reduce the effects of depression and anxiety, both of which are common during cancer treatment. And high physical energy levels allow patients to interact more frequently with friends and family. It also may allow them to spend more time out of the hospital.

Feelings of hopelessness are common in cancer patients. Patients often feel that there is little they can do besides listening to doctors and hoping the treatments are effective. Focusing on nutrition provides a sense of control over at least some aspects of their life.

Jillan Mckee

Outreach Coordinator at Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance

Syracuse, NY


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